It's nice to be clean
It's nice to be clean
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A Letter from Jimmy

Dear New Customer –

We offer 4 different wash levels, 7 different detail packages and an extensive menu of side options you can add on for those days in between.

All washes and details are priced for typical cars, and we have a schedule of upcharges for larger vehicles so that we can keep our basic wash prices lower for those who drive smaller vehicles. We are big on value and don’t think you’ll find another hand wash at our pricing.

We always have ongoing coupon and punchcard type programs going, and have plans in the works for the types of amenities which will make you feel as pampered as your car. We know your time is precious and want you to know how much we appreciate you taking time from your day to come here. It’s our hope that you will leave here feeling glad you did!

Respectfully –

Jimmy F.Tester Jr., President/CEO